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Transforming Lives Through the Study of God's Word



We offer correspondence Bible courses through the mail to inmates of prisons and local jails. Inmates can study right in their cell and when finished, the courses are returned for grading and encouraging notes. We partner with local ministries and chaplains to reach hundreds of thousands of inmates each year. 1 in every 32 adults in the US are in prison or on probation. Emmaus Worldwide sends out nearly 400,000 courses per year for prison use, but there are over 1.5 million people in US prisons (as of year end 2016 according to


Emmaus Worldwide uses donations to subsidize the cost of Emmaus Courses for prisoners. Without this support, Prison Coordinators would not be able to afford giving so many courses to inmates. The Prison Ministry would not exist if it weren't for your support through prayer, time, and donations!

I do not know of any more fertile ground for the gospel in all of the United States than our jails and prisons . . . I often ask them, ‘How many of you would have given me two minutes of your time when you were out on the streets?’ The answer, almost always, is none of them. . ."

– Lennie Spitale

". . . It is a rare week that we don’t find at least one prisoner reporting that he or she has been born again as a result of the Emmaus courses. . .

– Bill Atkinson, North Carolina Director

“Recently other inmates who aren’t very knowledgeable of the Bible have come up to me asking me questions about certain aspects of God’s Word. Thanks to these correspondence courses I’ve been able to help them find the answers to those questions in the Word. Praise God!”

- William (Inmate)

Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law and will be acknowledged with a donation receipt. Donations are made with the understanding that Emmaus Worldwide has complete control and administration over the use of all donations.