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Transforming Lives Through the Study of God's Word



Current estimates indicate that the number of families engaged in homeschooling has doubled since the start of 2020. Many families are choosing to homeschool their children for various reasons. Some parents make this choice in order to teach their children from a Christian worldview while others make this decision in order to develop Christian character in their children.

While many homeschool curriculums offer education from a biblical perspective, most do not include courses to study through books of the Bible or to teach methods on how to study the Bible.


Emmaus courses are a great resource for families and help fill the gap that exists in homeschool curriculums for the following reasons:

1. They cover most books of the Bible, doctrine, Bible study techniques, and personal growth.

2. Certificates of completion are offered for all courses receiving a passing grade, which serves as motivation for many students.

3. Emmaus courses have been helping others study the Bible for over 75 years, and are viewed as a trustworthy source of biblical study materials.

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